We can proposed different solutions with different finishings.

Stainless steel worktops

We manufacture customized worktops, according to customer's drawing and specifications

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Welded sinks

Our sinks, welded on worktops, stand out for their high formal purity

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Stainless steel sinks accessories

ARTINOX offers a wide range of accessories.

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Welded cooking plates

When welding cooking plates and sinks of different measures and finishings on countertops, we get to exclusive solutions

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Stainless steel tailor- made accessories

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Terminal sidepanels

Stainless steel side panels: side panels, doors and back panels enrich ARTINOX range

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Stainless steel frames

Tubular Stainless Steel Stuctures, panels and further complements

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For daily cleaning of stainless steel, simply wash the surface with a neutral or delicate detergent, rinse off with warm water and dry with a soft, clean cloth. For best results, always clean the surface following the grain of the satin finish. We recommend periodic cleaning with steel cleaning cream; always rinse off with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. If scale stains or haloes form, clean the surface with warm vinegar or denatured alcohol.


  • Never use abrasive sponges.
  • Do not leave the steel in contact with steel wool or other metal objects which contain or can release rusted particles.
  • Do not allow food residues to accumulate against the stainless steel surface.
  • Do not leave high temperature objects in contact with the stainless steel for long times.
  • Never clean the steel with aggressive detergents, especially if they contain hydrochloric acid, ammoniac, bleach or chlorine and its compounds.
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